Selecting the best foundation for your skin type

Selecting the right type, brand, and color of foundation for your skin can become a daunting task, however, if you have the right tools, you can successfully choose the right foundation that compliments your skin tone.

1. The first step to determining what kind of foundation is going to work best for you is to know what type of skin you have. Most foundations on the market are targeted towards normal, dry or oily skin. Many skin care companies make their foundation specifically catered to the different types of skin. Do you have fine lines or wrinkles? If so, you will want to do some investigating and purchase a foundation that focuses on an aged or mature skin. Many foundations contain retinol and peptides that are blended into the mixture to help aid in the aging process. As you determine what type of skin you have, then you can take the next step to determine what kind of brand and product is best suitable.

2. The next step you want to examine is what kind of money are you willing to spend. There are many high-end skin care companies that not only provide top of the line product, but will also guarantee their foundation. For example; if you purchase a foundation from the company and it isn’t the right color or you don’t like it, most companies will either refund your money or they will exchange the product for a different color. Many drug store brands have come a long way in the foundation department, but you most likely will not find the guarantee that stands behind the higher end cosmetics. Something else to keep in mind when you’re selecting the company and foundation you want to purchase is if you can sample the cosmetics before you purchase them. There are many different makeup companies that will give you the option to sample the product either in the convenience of your home or at your local shopping market, before you buy the product, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

3. After you have determined what kind of foundation brand and the skin type that you have, you can now make an educated decision on what color you choose. If you have decided to purchase a product from your local drug store, you can test a small section of it on your wrist to see if it blends properly. If you’re not sure even after doing the wrist test, I would recommend visiting your local department store, and rely on their expertise to help you find the right foundation. You can also obtain access to a licensed or experienced consultant or beautician to aid in helping to find the right solution.

It can become an overwhelming process, especially if you’re new to the makeup and cosmetic world. There is only one way to start though, and many times it takes doing a bit of research and asking others who have experience. Once you find your match and the brand you prefer, you are set to go.