Fragrant soaps from Scilly

Twentyeight is a range of cleansers produced in the beautiful Isles of Scilly. Look, these are the Isles of Scilly:

I’ve just decided I want to live there. Especially since it has a more Mediterranean climate, fields full of fragrant wild flowers and beautiful shorelines galore.
Twentyeight (so called because the Isles of Scilly are 28 miles off the coast of England) is a small family-run farm, where the owners harvest and produce their own essential oils from Scilly’s beautiful meadows, and make these lovely looking hand made soaps:
They smell and look divine in the bathroom – and come in rose geranium, lavender and rosemary. Bag yourself a bar, here.

Death of the high heel!

Say it isn’t so…

Shock horror. Surely it can’t be true! The death of the heel? But according to new research 95% of women questioned in the UK don’t wear heels and more than 3 in 5 do not know how to do their make-up! Is this end of femininity? Are the elegant days of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe lost for ever?

Worryingly a further quarter of women admit to regularly leaving the house without brushing their teeth. Errrr dentist anyone? So has every lady turned to a ladette? Is elegance lost in the UK?

The research carried out by Bold 2in1 White Diamond & Lotus Flower suggests that women are blaming a lack of time and money, and a shocking third stating they ‘just can’t be bothered to try’. This may explain why a quarter of women do not remember the last time they felt elegant.

Despite this, 8 out of 10 women wish they could be more elegant in every day life. So in response, this summer the snappily titled Bold 2in1 White Diamond & Lotus Flower Elegance Boutique will be touring UK cities with a team of hair, make-up, wardrobe and perfume experts to help introduce a touch of elegance to women’s life and laundry.


Monthly Mailbag

It’s that time again where we say thank you to everyone for all your comments on this here blog. And a special thanks to everyone who replied to the post WHO STOLE GRANDDAD’S PRESENT – it seems there are many people out there who have experienced things going missing in the post – and there really needs to be a clampdown on the few rogue posties out there who are giving the system a very bad name.
Eileen said: “I agree there are a few toerags out there who help themselves to the contents of the post, it has happened to me twice now and both times the Royal Mail has not been at all interested and more or less brushed my complaint under the carpet, no wonder they are having to close much needed post offices down and are being privatised.”
While Cheesed-Off from Chichester added: “I buy a lot of things from Ebay and pay for recorded delivery which is money wasted when the postie doesn’t bother to get me to sign for delivery.  I used to complain when things arrived damaged or unsigned-for and always got the same standard letter back saying they were terribly sorry and assuring me it wouldn’t happen again. Now, every time I receive a parcel with a recorded delivery sticker on it which the postie hasn’t bothered to get me to sign, I wait a few days, check the tracking number online, which always comes back as “untraceable” and then claim for the parcel.  They can’t prove it’s been delivered as they have no signature, so they have to pay up.”
Hair straighteners became the other big issue of the month – and in particular, Remington’s Wet2Straight hair straighteners, which cut out the middle man after the shower – that being the hairdryer.
“These straighteners are great!!!,” commented one reader. “I have really frizzy thick kinda curlyish hair and they worked really well! Of course they work best with products such as heat protection sprays and stuff – and sometimes I need ‘frizz serum’ stuff as well, but still, they are amazing!!!”
But H had this sage advice for lovers of hair-straightening “The best way to use heated hair stylers is to use good quality shampoo, conditioner, serums, and thermal protection spray and most importantly DRY YOUR HAIR BEFORE STRAIGHTENING OR CURLING IT!”
It seems the jury’s still out on the best way to straighten hair – and different types of hair may work better with different types of straighteners. Our best advice is to ask your hair dresser what kind of straightener would best suit your hair type as they are the experts!
Finally – thank you to everyone who replied to our Gorgeously grey eyes post. It’s great to get advice from everyone on where we can find the little beauty products that can seem difficult to difficult to track down at first.
Nic x